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Snow Plow Blades / Cutting Edges
Scarifier and Ripper System
Scarifier Shank
Scarifier Tip
Uni-Lok® Ripper System
Feature and Benefits
Greater Productivity
Improved material flow with arrowhead shroud and stay-sharp ripper point design
Internal and external point stabilization reduces bearing surface wear - increasing the time between rebuild or replacement

Lower Operating Costs
Superior penetration and ripping action reduces fuel consumption
Longer component life reduces need for scheduled maintenance
Cast steel ripper shanks significantly out last fabricated shanks

The advanced design of ESCO Uni-Lok ripper system combats the toughest ripping forces. This higher performance lowers operating costs.

Dozer ripping is one of the most demanding tests of product design and metallurgical expertise. The ESCO Uni-Lok system meets that challenge with these options:

Rip-A-Pak™ kits to rebuild worn out shanks
Cast alloy steel ripper shanks with Uni-Lok system
Fabricated ripper shanks with cast Uni-Lok noses

Fabricated Ripper Shanks

ESCO fabricates ripper shanks from ESCOALLOY™ 400 plate, a through-hardened material for maximum performance in the toughest applications.

Shipment is typically 10-14 days ARO
Designs available for most CAT D8 through D11 dozers
Custom designs can be created for any dozer application
Uni-Lok Ripper
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ESCO grader products are hard at work at construction sites, mining operations, road and highway projects and industrial applications throughout the world.

ESCO manufactures highly engineered blades, ripper products and wear solutions for every type of motor grader - including Caterpillar, Volvo, Deere, Komatsu and Champion.
Nearly 100 years of superior alloys, innovative designs and unexcelled service make ESCO the brand of choice for quality, value and speed.

All-Cast™ Grader Blades

ESCO All-Cast™ Grader Blades are designed specifically for the CAT® 16G and 24H machines.

Customers operating mining motor graders can now benefit from the extended wear life that comes from cast alloy construction. The straight edge version is the perfect choice for the extreme conditions encountered in highway, heavy construction, aggregate, and mining applications. A serrated version is available for customers requiring more penetration - ideal for winter applications.
Longer wear life resulting in lower maintenance costs due to longer intervals between change-outs
Fewer change-outs to reduce the cost associated with mounting hardware
ESCO alloy 12S (514 BHN typical) for unmatched resistance to impact and abrasion in the most severe applications
Fit and installation is the same as existing products, eliminating the need for special tools, training, and hardware.
Features & Benefits

Rolled Steel Grader Products
ESCO offers a full package of ground engaging tools (GET) for motor graders.
Complete line of curved double bevel (CDB) cutting edges for every make and model
Full line of regular and overlay end bits
Surface hardened grader cutting edges provides maximum wear resistance
Select serrated grader blades for frozen or hard packed ground conditions
End bits and overlay end bits help protect the moldboard, while extending the life of cutting edges.
End bits are available in standard and heavy-duty.
Features & Benefits
Greater Value
Better penetration reduces fuel consumption
Available in multiple designs to fit any application
Superior Productivity
Unique design is selfsharpening for maximum penetration
Longer wear life increases machine availability

ESCO grader products are available in the following alloys:

ForgeTemp® Steel Plate - High carbon roll-forged steel, designed for highly abrasive, moderate impact conditions.
MaxTemp® Steel Plate - Heat treated through-hardened steel gives maximum protection against impact breakage in the toughestdigging conditions without sacrificing wear life.
Surfaced Hardened - Offered in curved single bevel, this alloy gives you increased hardness on the wearing surfaces of the edge greatly extending wear life in non-impact situations.
Carbide Embedded Blades - Significantly extends wear life over conventional edges in moderate impact conditions. This product is produced by embedding carbide particles into a heat-treated base metal, bonding the metals together forming a unified steel with greatly enhanced wear properties. All ESCO carbide embedded products are fully warranted to provide cost-effective service in factory recommended applications.
Infinity® 2000 Grading System
The innovative Infinity 2000 grading system replaces conventional grader blades with rotating, replaceable tungsten carbide bits.
Lasts as long as 5 to 15 sets of standard grader blades
Easy installation for more uptime
Reduces dust and brings larger gravel particles to the top of the road surface
Heavy-duty mining system with 3/4" bolt holes available for haul roads
Blade end protectors are available

Carbide Bits for Infinity 2000 Blades
Heavy System: PS2244-28FS multipurpose carbide bit
Penetration Tool: PS2244-01FS for asphalt planing and oil road reclamation
Profiled Tip Design: PS2244-27FS increases penetrationwhen working on asphalt, oil road reclamation, and hard calcium chloride roads
Heavy-Duty Mining Tool: PS2564-62F for extreme impact conditions
Profile Tipped Mining Tool: PS2564-23F for highly abrasive conditions

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